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Day 77 LA-YA-Ally Hamilton

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier

Damn… no wonder the whole world wants to live here! The flip-flop lovin’ YoYos could get used to the 72 and breezy that we’ve experienced every day since arriving on the endless sandy beaches of Santa Monica, CA. The walkin’, bikin’, skatin’ boardwalks, endless outdoor fun in the sun, and flood of “off the charts” yoga, make this SoCal beach city a perfect place to “practice in paradise”.

Startin' the kids off right

Startin' her first-born off right

Tonight, we did just that, as we visited the esteemed Ally Hamilton, owner of Yogis Anonymous; the brand spankin’ new, donation based yoga studio. Learnin’ this high-flyer had given birth to her second child just 8 weeks ago, we were pretty sure that followin’ her lead would take us in the right direction. After all, it was 8:30 pm, and this beautiful ball of energy, was just rarin’ to give one of her infamous ass-kickin’ classes.

Happy YoYos were we, to find a ginormous, “yogi on a budget” parkin’ garage adjacent to this totally hip, one room space located just 2 blocks from the beautiful Pacific. Checkin’ out “YA’s”, “hot of the press” already full schedule of daily classes, the YoYos recognized the impressive names of some of the most sought after teachers in this sizzlin’ hot yogi zip code.

Ally Hamilton

Ally Hamilton

Jam-packed and full of late night energy, the YoYos threw down the Madukas and, after a long day in the California sun, sighed with delight as Ally told us to start by “lyin’ on our back”. Cool! Little did the naïve YoYo’s know that this trickster was merely havin’ us assume the position to begin the “right out of the gate”, killer, core sequence. From there, this joyful, funny, story tellin’ powerhouse laid out a “most excellent” sweat producin’, full-body series of strength and stretch that seriously focused on “daisy duke wearin’’’ butt- asanas. Whoa! Who woulda thunk that a class that ended after 10pm would burn a zillion calories, leave us drippin’, enlightened and make us want to party on the streets of this lively town?

This burstin’ with love teacher has got it goin’ on! Fun and fabulous, Ally has brought together every element to make this innovative studio a massive success!