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Day 89 San Diego-Yoga One-Amy Caldwell


RU Catches a Wave in Del Mar

Hangin' 10 at the Dog Beach

Today as the wise, kind, ol’, crestfallen, Grandfather cocker spaniel, The Ru, was kicked off the bazillion mile stretch of glorious Pacific Beach, asked to leave the sandy patio of a sidewalk dive, and dejectedly read the “No Dogs Allowed” signs at the celebrated San Diego Zoo and killer museums; the adaptable one just wagged, knowin’ that life’s great disappointments are often disguised gifts that offer grand fodder for his well-read insights, “Down Dogisms”; and, the accomodatin’ YoYos would spend the best part of their lives lookin’ for a haven that would welcome this illustrious, 5th dimension channeler with open arms.

Findin’ that sanctuary 20 miles north in the drop- dead gorgeous beach town of upscale Del Mar, The Ru yowled as we approached the teeny-weeny stretch of sand where seemingly every canine in California comes to surf, belly board and practice their “down dogs” on 72 an’ breezy afternoons… Finally, the shade wearin’ Ru found inclusive peace in this sometimes exclusive world.

Yoga Journal 30th Anniversary Issue

Yoga Journal 30th Anniversary Issue

After a full Dog Day of Summer, the anxious YoYos were excited for tonight’s Flow set amongst the high rises of Downtown San Diego at the illustrious Yoga One; winner of seemingly every award given to this county’s Yoga Studios for several years running. Followin’ the framed City Beat “BEST OF” magazines and stunning Yoga Journal covers featuring tonight’s teacher and owner Amy Caldwell up the steep stairs, the YoYos were pretty sure, this famed instructor’s class would be one to remember.

Strong and Calm Fits Amy to a T

Strong and Calm - That's Amy

Enterin’ the expansive, antique space, the YoYos joyously discovered historic wooden floors to hang out on with fellow SD yogis who make this popular tip-to-toe full body flow their addictive yoga of choice. Connectin’ to breath in a seated exercise, Amy began by beautifully integrating our “89 day” bodies into this 75 minute challenge of fluidity intermixed with creative arm balances, and innovative use of blocks that increased the unique dynamic leg stretches in this all levels class. Seems these lucky yogis not only use this beautiful yoga home for killer asana, but occasionally come back on weekends for acoustic concerts where they relax with a soft seat and bottle of wine…this weekend, Sean Hayes….See ya there!