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Day 66 LA-Yogaworks-Vinnie Marino

“All I want to do is have a little fun before I die”, said the yogi next to us…out of nowhere…

This Ain't No Country Club... It's LA

This Ain't No Country Club... It's LA

… and the YoYos were pretty sure that every other yogi in L.A. had the same idea as they clamored en masse to locate a meagar 2’x6’ to experience the famous ,“turn up the volume” class, from  rock star teacher, Vinnie Marino.

Vinnie Marino

Vinnie Marino

Welcomed by super-smilin’ faces into the unpretentious lobby of legendary Santa Monica studio, Yoga Works Main, the YoYos were admittedly impressed by the jaw-droppin’ line-up of teachers who are irrefutably some of the most recognized in the country. Tonight’s class with Vinnie, the renowned “wicked, butt-kicker to the stars, rocker”, had the YoYos all wound up…after all, we were in L.A… and we too, just wanted to have a little fun….

Butt to Butt, Another Packed Vinnie Class

Mat to Mat - Packed Vinnie Class

We felt our temperature rise and sweat pour as Vinnie opened with energetic Sun Salutations, a mere pre-cursor to the next 1 ½ hours of power that was a most eye-openin’ introduction to 2-3 Flow- L.A. style.   Vinnie’s killer eclectic soundtrack and quirky wit intermittently amped up its volume, and our YoYo’s energy, at the precise moment we internally cried out for that extra jolt that allowed us to hang with this multifaceted, dynamic flow. Shoulder touchin’ shoulder and front touchin’ rear with fellow strappin’ yogis; we loved the pulsating energy and the depth of each asana that this exciting teacher created throughout every inch of our, “pushin’ it to our expandin’ edge”, YoYo bodies.

Swimin’ out the door, the YoYo’s were unyogi-like proud of ourselves, observing we actually didn’t die at all. In fact, we vibrantly interrupted each other with a total “minute by minute” recount of every worked out body part  that had been stretched and strengthened  to its max and seemingly beyond.  Excited YoYos were we to know we’d be comin’ back… time and time again, to Vinnie’s absolutely “not to miss”, super class… just to have a little fun!