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Day 68 LA-Exhale-Saul David Raye

Saul David Reye

Saul David Raye

After experiencin’ our spirited, “Welcome to L.A”, yoga over the past few days, the achin’ YoYos were euphorically visualizin’ the magical healin’ energy of tonight’s class with, Saul David Raye, one of the Western hemisphere’s leading forces in yoga instruction and Thai massage.  Meeting this captivating yogi at the high-flyin’ EXHALE studio in Santa Monica before class, the YoYo’s felt a genuine peaceful vibe just radiatin’ off this spiritual teacher who began meditating as a teen, spent a year in a Buddhist Monastery and years training in both Asia and India.

Our grateful YoYo bodies couldn’t believe our God given destiny as this intuitive teacher had us begin this insightful class by lying on our back, reconnecting to the earth… the source.   In all the world, there was no place the YoYos would rather have been than stretched out on that comfy bolster listenin’ to Saul’s soothing voice guide us into bliss…  lettin’ our “super-fried” muscles take a much needed rest.

Reconnecting to the Source

Reconnecting to the Source

Set to the inspiring’ “So much Magnificence” soundtrack of Steve Gold, Saul began just lettin’ us go, lettin’ us melt, and flow and feel and live every free movement that he loosely led allowin’ us liberated yogis to go with what the body needed, creatin’ the energy we wanted, and find the relaxation we were cravin’.  Freedom to feel the movement, without stress or strain, Saul encouraged us to back away from that critical point of forcin’; but rather allow ourselves to just melt into our bones, lettin’ the poses find their unique fit in our body. Feelin’ boundless and released from this uninhibited practice, Saul introduced the power of joy through, “a YoYo first,” yogi laughter meditation, followed by the sweetest savasana on planet earth.

Soaring after this spiritual, reflective, joyous, centered, connected class, the YoYos floated back to the sailboat where they were spendin’ most every minute when not in our “most excellent” L.A. yoga classes; watched the full moon, drank the fruit of the vine, felt the breeze and once again… connected with Mother Earth.