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Day 62 Santa Barbara-Yoga Center-Denise Zaverdas

We’re havin’ a heat wave…not only in our hearts as we headed to Santa Barbara, the idyllic beach city where the YoYo’s tied the knot, but, on our skin as the temperature exceeded 3 digits.   Hot or not, we couldn’t wait to get to this incomparable nirvana where so many memories were made.

State Street - Santa Barbara

State Street

It hasn’t changed a bit. The meandering’ path through the lush, emerald park bordering the dazzlin’ ocean is still there.  State Street, the main street remains with all its magnificent Spanish architecture, unique boutiques, jam -packed outdoor cafes and deceivin’ “big box” stores that hide in their substantial, stucco, arched windowed homes.  The YoYo’s love the quintessential California palm trees lining the streets , electric college town energy and the gorgeous Santa Barbara Yoga Center where our  Level 2-3 class was to be held with co-director Denise Zaverdas

Santa Barbara Yoga Center

Santa Barbara Yoga Center

Enterin’ this thick walled, stunning structure, the YoYos discovered flyers for a ton of super-interesting workshops that’d be makin’ their way through this magnificent space and a perfect spot  to practice in one of the three, character rich yoga rooms that host 100 classes per week.  Thinkin’, for a fleeting moment we might be distracted by the beauty that surrounded, that naïve notion quickly disappeared when Denise opened her challenging, continual moving class.

Denise Zaverdas and Cooper

Denise Zaverdas and Cooper

While the Yoyo’s got the distinct impression, that every class from this experienced teacher was a unique adventure, tonight’s class focused on a captivating flow set to soothing music that began simple and built to a “one movement to one breath” complex handstand crescendo.  The flow kept our YoYo minds hoppin’ and  bodies workin’ as this fascinating sequence lead to YoYo Yogini’s  first ever, sorta,  kinda nailin’ it (albeit on the wall) inversion.   After a whole lotta years, 74 consecutive days and a buncha un-yogi like frustration of not getting’ that butt in the air, today, in this beautiful space under the eagle eye of our gifted guide, that inversion was sorta hers.

Ending with a deep savasana complete with relaxing oils, the YoYo’s knew this amazing class in this beautiful space was a gift…now it was time to paint this vibrant town… and celebrate!