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Day 84 LA-Exhale-Erich Schiffmann

1. Today, I will make no decisions on my own…

2. I will make no decisions on my own because it is not intelligent to do so…

3. Instead, I will make all decisions in silent council with the infinite… or, whatever the heck you want to call it, that encompasses that which we are all connected to.

Erich Schiffmann

Today, these 3 sentences (loosely translated) opened Erich Shiffmann’s most extraordinary class at Exhale, Venice’s renowned Center for Sacred Movement. Relieved from havin’ to make the “Day 101” decision on their own, YoYos sat silently, while Erich, the relaxed author of “Moving into Stillness”, began his unique simple seated stretches that opened our hips and head while he masterfully counseled this wide eyed, open eared group to align the mind and go “on line”… tappin’ into the world wide web of the universe.

Moving into Stillness

Moving into Stillness

The YoYo’s, after 84 days and countin’, have come to realize that it’s no accident we found ourselves in this intuitive class of understandin’ the magnitude of a spiritual connection; explained by this insightful, reflective teacher who, recognizes the weightiness of daily decisions. Givin’ this liberated group, time and space to listen to their inner teacher, body and rhythm through free-flowin’ movement, Erich guided these transformed YoYos into one hellava long, deep savasana.

After this most mind-expandin’ class, Divine intervention reared its beautiful head as we traveled across town to meet the ingenious creator of our “never leave home without them” Yogitoes… that continue to save our YoYo asses from skiddin’ to Mexico. Walkin’ into Susan Nichols, super- cool, home-like office we couldn’t have been happier that her cohorts Alex Ward, insider and guide of the YoYos incredible Santa Monica itinerary, and Zan Roberts were “in the house”. How serendipitous to hear Susan’s remarkable story of how she tapped into “www.universe” to discover the amazin’ path to takin’ this expandin’ world of yogis into so many “skidless” possibilities.

The dense YoYos will not have to be hit over the head 3 times to understand the super-clear message that we received today…We will not make any decisions on our own, because… it is simply not intelligent to do so.