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Day 96 San Diego-Spa Spirit-Michele Hébert

It was on Day 40, in our fortuitous Marin County class with Sherri Baptiste where we first learned about the celebrated Michele Hébert; a life-long student of Walt Baptiste, former manager of the acclaimed Baptiste Retreat in El Salvador and renowned leader in mind/body/spirit integration. Seems that when this global pioneer in the health and fitness industry is not leading the Power of Yoga for Women events with Sherri, or world-wide retreats with husband, Mehrad Nazari, Ph.D., this visionary Raja yoga instructor brings committed yogis into her one hundred year old La Jolla sea cottage turned dream studio for extraordinary yoga and meditation. What grateful YoYos are we, that today we shared that beautiful space with these fortunate ocean yogis.

Michele Hébert

Michele Hébert

Headin’ west in the mid 70’s, leavin’ hometown Cleveland in the rearview mirror, young Michele thought that by enduring a yoga class with Walt at the revolutionary Walt Baptiste Yoga and Health Center in San Francisco, she’d have a shot at gaining employment at the well-known Baptiste natural food restaurant. Seems that more than coveted employment was waiting, as Walt soon became the guru that would open her life through connecting the mind, body and spirit… as she would for others… forever.

Finding our way onto the antique floors, we gazed out to the ocean beyond, as our respected leader opened this time honored practice with a guided meditation that taught us to not only feel, but envision our breath. Working through gentle asana, Michele slowly led a series of beautifully sequenced back bends and intense hip openers that allowed even these YoYos to find that illusive lotus. Allowing space and time, Michele’s melodic voice encouraged us to discover a specific breath for each posture… one that would allow us to stay in a pose…seemingly forever. Concluding with deep meditation, Michele’s imaginative language created visualizations that encouraged us to melt into our center, deeply relax and powerfully connect with the energy of our chakras.

Inner-Practice-The ecstatic YoYos were thrilled to take, “The Inner Practices of Yoga” with us out the blissful door and into the YoYoYogimobile, as we knew we’d have a piece of these “mind expandin’ teachers with us, as we continue on our “most excellent” adventure.