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Day 48 SF-Global Yoga-Mary Jarvis

There’s JUST something about MARY….

Gotta Love Mary

Mary Jarvis

When the YoYo’s were led to Mary Jarvis by seemingly everyone in the country, we were curious to uncover what is was about this “living legend” of Bikram Yoga that triggered so much conversation, and caused Yoga Journal to feature an article disclosing her fascinating life.

After doin’ our research we discovered this icon had been trained by Bikram before he was Bikram, and had an “off the charts” 26 pose practice before yoga had mats.  When we also found that drinkin’ water and wipin’ sweat during Mary’s class, wasn’t exactly welcome; we had nightmares of drowin’ in our own sweat and havin’ parched throats dryer than the Sahara.  But tonight, we were goin’ to “take one for the team” and go sans water bottle and towel… good thing there was no mention of goin’ without our “go everywhere”  Yogitoes…the only thing that prevents the sweatin’ YoYo’s from slip slidin’ to San Diego.

Global Yoga Studio

Global Yoga Studio

Walkin’ into Global Yoga, Mary’s legendary San Francisco studio, we were greeted by Huub, one of the countless international Bikram yogis that flock here to work with the Master.   And then we met Mary.  The happy, joyous, smilin’, super-approachable, super-interestin’, funnier than hell…. Mary.

A Few of Mary's Faithful

A Few of Mary's Faithful

During the next 90 minutes of this world famous sequence, we worked really hard. We sweated, laughed and learned the humungous internal benefits received from each posture.  We learned that drinkin’ water after backbendin’ in heat will make you dizzy and barf.  We learned perfect alignment, taught not to stress about it and then we laughed some more.  We learned it’s not about protein-it’s about prana, that wipin’ your sweat breaks the mood and that 4-5 days per week of committed practice could shrink our saggin’ butts. Then we deeply inhaled some mind expandin’ perspectives from this celebrated teacher who has had 75 of her students open Bikram studios worldwide due the rich inspiration they have received from… Mary.

Funny, but not once during that 1 ½ hours did the YoYo’s think about takin’ a sip, a wipe or anything else,  as this powerful teacher kept our YoYo heads right into every thyroid stimulatin’, fat reducin’,  tension releasin’ moment.  It didn’t take the YoYo’s long to figure it out….

It’s not just SOMETHING about Mary…  It’s EVERYTHING about Mary!