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To Every Season

Sonoma Valley

Sonoma Valley by Susan Hoehn

Travelin’ through the magnificent colors of the autumn vines, massive oaks, and the indescribable flora and fauna that identifies Sonoma, California; the YoYos found the hidden jewel that wine country yogis lovingly know as, Yoga Community.

Community Yoga Gathering Place

Yoga Community Gathering Place

Welcomed into the blaze of shades that mimic its exterior surroundings, we took a peaceful minute to melt into the circled-up comfy chairs made for chattin’, drink the yummy tea brewed for blissin’, and peruse the outrageous yogi fashion that was creatively displayed throughout this artsy sanctuary. What an eye-poppin’ studio to throw down our mornin’ mat and ready ourselves for the gift of Lisa Murray; a certified teacher in the Walt Baptiste method of Raja Yoga; Sherri Baptiste’s Power of Yoga Teacher Training program. After intensive study with Dr. Mehrad Nazari, Michele Hébert and Sherri Baptiste, master teachers the grateful YoYos had the opportunity to learn from on this journey, the YoYos couldn’t think of a better way to conclude Chapter One, of this “most excellent” adventure.

Lisa Murray

Lisa Murray

Here, the unsuspectin’ YoYos followed this talented teacher through 90 minutes of challenging asana, bookend by deep rest.  Every taxing pose was chased by time to discover how body and mind felt after vigorous effort was followed by spacious relaxation.  And so it was, in Lisa’s serendipitous class… sun and moon…. time for action and time for rest.    Or, as it has been said… “To every season…

These roadtrippin’ YoYos on the Go Go, are admittedly pretty much experts on the full-out action part but with so much to do… like transition our slightly lifted YoYo butts to the Pacific Northwest to write our “most excellent” yoga adventure book,  start a cool new blog series like the one comin’ from our crazy Seattle explorer/reporter “My first 30 days of Yoga”, and work on our own “Power “Om” class, we aren’t exactly sure how to nail that all important, rest thing.

So, with an insightful send off from our gifted guide, the “tryin’ to be still” YoYos respectfully take the advice of the ancient wisdom of the Gita, the Sutras, the Bible, and the Sun and Moon…

Now, it is time to take Rest, if only for a short time, after our “most excellent” adventure.