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Day 4 Seattle-The SweatBox-Laura Culberg

The SweatBox Yoga  / Capitol Hill – Laura Culberg

Capitol Hill 1

Alfresco Dining in Capitol Hill

Not exactly 40 days and 40 nights but record breaking days in a row withOUT rain in Seattle hit 29! That was until today as the YoYos changed all that and created more pouring precipitation than humanly possible at Seattle’s premiere Bikram Yoga Studio appropriately named The SweatBox. How many times have the YoYos come out of class and heard a red-faced, wiped-out yogi say, “I’ve never sweated so much in my whole life”? Today, was the YoYo’s turn! We looked at each other, wiping bucketing perspiration from our blurry eyes, acknowledging silently that we had totally got our butts kicked by Laura Culberg, co-owner of this unpretentious Bikram yoga studio located in the urban alternative neighborhood of Capitol Hill.


Laura Culberg

The SweatBox, a Seattle Bikram Yoga stalwart has been a wildly popular fixture for over 8 years and with owners Laura Culberg and Frankie Grausa, at the helm, it is easy to see why. Community is this studios calling card and these yoginis have created a fiercely loyal group. Bottom line, the diversity of these yogis makes it addicting to hang out here! So habit forming in fact, they have duplicated themselves to keep up with the demand and opened another studio in Shoreline, Washington just 10 miles away. Dressing room conversations revolved around the hope that yet another SweatBox would open in Capitol Hill. Yogis love this place!


SweatBox Yoga

To loosely paraphrase a studio review…there are other Bikram Studios that you might want to date, but The SweatBox is the place you want to marry!