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Day 70 LA-AcroYoga-Lara & Sarah

The first time the YoYos saw a “base” and “flyer” was at a comical “performance” by our 2 young daughters, eons ago, as a “gift in motion”, for Mother’s Day.  Entertained by their gutsy flight set to Garth Brook’s inspirin’ soundtrack,  the YoYos still rank that rockin’,  shakin’ and fallin’ feat of bravery, up with the best present, ever.

Laura Catone and Sarah Vosen

Lara Catone and Sarah Vosen

After all these years, it’s “most amazing” to see where the magicians of yoga acrobatics have taken this stunnin’ art form, since its early attempts by the YoYo kids. Hardly recognizable, except for that one basic “base on bottom, flyin’ person on top” move, the YoYo’s have become enthralled by the evolved shifting strength and grace of these accomplished acro-yogis.  Excited were we, that we were invited by Lara Catone and Sarah Vosen; “yogi, acrobat, dancer, flyers”, to try this amazing style of partner yoga.  Arrivin’ early to AcroYoga, locted in The Shiatsu Massage School of California, we met our new “up close and personal” beginning, acro-yogi “community”, as our skilled guides opened class with enlightening  “trust” exercises.

Circle of Trust

Circle of Trust

Now, The YoYos had to admit, the “upside down with head between strangers legs”, pose and the bizarre  feelin’ that we might fall on our willing “base”; were just two of the unfamiliar “trust” obstacles that were makin’ us a little edgy.  But, the last 82 days has proven that WTH moments accompanied by breath, always proves to be an amazin’ calmer.  With a deep inhale, we ultimately relaxed and let these calm, “easy to understand” teachers, be our “most amazing” guides.

Lara & Sarah make it look easy

Lara & Sarah make it look easy

Over the next 3 hours, we discovered that as our experienced coaches broke down into baby steps, seemingly impossible moves, allowing the YoYo’s jittery self-talk to move out and replace its “ugly” head with high anticipation of an exciting new practice.  After learnin’  these stunnin’ AcroYoga  sequences incorporated doses of Thai massage to relax and stretch after a strength held move, the YoYos  fascination of this “giving and receiving” practice  spiked  to, the “we have to do this” level.

A far cry from the efforts of yesteryear, our strong, most graceful teachers, in closing, performed the 2009 version of what’s possible in AcroYoga.  Whoa, could the YoYokids  imagine the YoYos attemptin’ anything, even vaguely similar to that?  Looks like after this “most excellent” adventure…we might just find out.