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Day 100 LA-Yogaworks-Kia MIller

Today, on this “most excellent” 100th day of this epic journey; with bodies strong and minds followin’ along, the YoYo’s were electrified knowin’ that the so-called “conclusion” of this marathon yogic adventure was in reality, merely a “can’t put it down” chapter.  Amazed by the plethora of “not to miss” studios and talented teachers” linin’ the west coast, the “inquisitive” YoYos went over schedule in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco… oops!  With just a few more “off the charts” L.A. teachers on the calendar and the San Diego world of yoga still to be uncovered… the energized YoYos will carry on… as promised, all the way to the border.

Lia Miller

Kia Miller

So, with our “soon to be seen in yoga classes across the universe”, typed-dyed, “Groovy collection”, Yogitoes in hand; the “Summer of Love” YoYos, headed to the energy awakening Kundalini class, taught by the celebrated, charismatic teacher, Kia Miller, at Yogaworks Main in Santa Monica. Already pumped from the last 99 days, the YoYos were curious to see what form the coiled power that sits at the base of the spine would take, as this experienced guide would bring it up through all 7 chakras.

Kundalini Rising

Kundalini Rising

Illuminatin’ the room with her brilliant smile, Kia opened by ignitin’ this class with the “breath of fire,” followed by a series of blazin’, churnin’ asana.  Continuing through an inferno of moving postures, this talented guide challenged us to hold bhandas, drop our chin, lift our gaze and visualize the powerful spiralin’ energy from within,’ rising up, up, and away through the crown of our head, connectin’  earth energy with that of the infinite.  Whoa…good thing we were grounded into our super-psychedelic Yogitoes!

Ending with a most unusual rhythmic, WTH, arms to side and up over head, forever movement, Kia admitted she wasn’t sure how some weird cave dwellin’ yogi figured out how this exhaustive repetition could drive energy up and out…expandin’ our aura … but it did… and it was cool!

Once again, with the superb talent of brilliant guides, The YoYos are tappin’ into that www of the universe, and connectin’ as we continue, this “most excellent” adventure.