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Day 45 SF-Yoga Kula-Katchie Ananda

Yo Yo Yogiman at Yoga Kula

Yogiman enters Yoga Kula

A simple banner reading “Yoga Kula” hangs over an iron gate on the jam packed streets vibrating with its diverse community in the colorful neighborhood known in San Francisco as “The Mission”.  Climbing steep stairs, we were elevated to the stunning studio that overlooked the non-stop energy of the city streets below.

Katchie Ananda

Katchie Ananda

Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll was the opening theme of today’s Anusara, all levels class.  The confused YoYo’s thought we were here to do a little stretchin’ & flowin’ with Katchie Ananda, the Anusara teacher that was named one of the Five Top Yoga Teachers Making Change in the World by Yoga Journal Magazine and the East Bay Express pick as Best Yoga Teacher in ’08, but, it appeared this spirited leader prefers to take willing yogis on a mind expandin’ ride.  Katchie seemed convinced that most of us had likely worked our way through all the usual hedonistic pursuits, and  through it all, found ourselves here, in this dazzlin’ space, all geared up and ready for a “most excellent” yogi adventure.

Yoga Kula

Yoga Kula

Takin’ out all judgment, comical Katchie laid out an invitation to mentally “come clean” about why we came to our mat as she explained that a yogi’s intent is either driven from their “Little Sva” (small self, ego-teensy things that run us ragged- like a slightly saggin’ tush) or “Big Sva” (big self, somewhat larger in nature- like changin’ the world) . Tonight, the YoYos felt themselves hoverin’ at about a medium size Sva, as the thought of lettin’ unknowing yogis know about this remarkable,  spiritual  teacher that could possibly change their life was kinda, Big Sva-ish…but, the thought of lookin’ cool in our yoga pants knocked us down a notch….or two.

Openin' the little Sva

Openin' the Heart

Katchie’s  continual reminder to tune into what Sva  was runnin’ our yogi show,  was at the forefront of every  beautifully sequenced asana as she gently reminded these yogis to quiet the mind and listen intently to the Big Sva, because… that Little Sva was standin’ by, ready to keep on doin’ the same ol’ same ol’.

Tonight and every night from this day forward, familiar postures take on a whole new meaning.   Bringing Big Sva into our practice – brings endless possibilities to the world and to this wonderful gift we call- yoga!


And Now We Do Yoga

Patanjali’s 1st sutra says “atha yogānusaśānam” or “now begins the sacred instruction of union.” Or… as we heard it on Day 54 from Katchie Aanada in San Francisco, “And now we do yoga.”

OM_SymbolYou meet lots o’ yogis, hear tons o’ stories and learn a gazillion life lessons when spendin’ 117 consecutive days practicin’  yoga in 117 unique places.  This most “excellent adventure” showed the discoverin’ YoYos  that there are seemingly as many paths to yoga as there are yogis.

Now, we talked to border-to border yogis, who found this ancient practice a last resort cure for injury after all other medical options have failed.  Others, a last ditch effort to calm a tormented mind or heal a spiritual hole. Some, after every “thigh blaster” and 24/7 visit to the gym, simply thought toned muscles and a lifted butt sounded spot on……New Age Body Sculpting?

No matter what brings us to the mat… yoga begins to work its magic.   Bodies strengthen and become more limber…  minds quiet and become more clear.  Life views begin to change… we start breathin’ rather than ragin’ when encounterin’  life’s forever tryin’ situations.  We consider usin’ a metal water bottle rather than plastic, walk instead of drive, and notice what slime is fillin‘ the 24 hour news cycle of our mind.   Slowly,  there’s a realization that there’s a connection between each of us and this planet we live on.

Yoga is for everyone and lucky are those who find it.. or yoga finds them.. at this time, on their “most excellent” life adventure.

Now, we do yoga…