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Day 6 Seattle-Yoga Studio Magnolia-Brooke & Lee

Lee Atwell & Brooke Zwerner

Lee Atwell & Brooke Zwerner

The daylight hours in Seattle this time of year are seemingly 20 hours long, but today is Summer Solstice – so we can bump that up a notch!  Celebratin’ the Sun, we are up at an even earlier crack to take “back to back” classes with Lee Atwell (yogini) and Brooke Zwerner (yogi), owners of The Yoga Studio in Magnolia. Hidden in a quaint village filled with happy people and even happier dogs, The Yoga Studio in Magnolia is in perfect harmony with the mellow feel of this drop-dead gorgeous neighborhood. Enter this serene space and any stress you thought you may have once had…is long-gone.


Lee & Brooke

“Feelin’ the Love”, on this extraordinary Sunday morning, Brooke, a 30 year student of Baba Hari Dass, began his deeply-grounding Vinyasa 1-2 class with pranayama, mantras and bhandas that centered each yogi, guiding them to feel fully present prior to beginning a meditation in motion. Brooke’s attentive and experienced adjustments allowed the YoYos to feel familiar poses at a much deeper level.  This interesting Yogi also works individually with students giving personalized yoga consultations based on Jyotish readings.

Feeling one with the earth after Brooke’s focused class, Lee entered the room with energy so serene, so calming – The YoYos felt their hearts smile- a feeling they never want to loose. This joyful class began with grounding pranayama and guided visualizations that continued to expand throughout every deepening asana. Lee’s continual encouragement to freely open the heart to the sun gave new voice to familiar poses. This gifted teacher’s authentic presence was generously shared to the fortunate yogis in her class through the special gift of her angel- like voice, which resonated like a beautiful melody with spoken words.


Discovery Park Light House

What’s a YoYo to do after classes like that???? OM’n in nature comes to mind.  How fortunate to have Discovery Park, an emerald forest with zillions of miles of trails, located on the Sound …only minutes away! It’s all coming together now…the mellow people, the happy dogs, the enlightin’ yoga studio, the rainbow-colored flora growing in prehistoric proportions…Magnolia is a “not to miss” place when in Seattle!