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Day 76 LA-Yogaworks-James Morrison

"24" King of Cool Bill Buchanan

"24's" King of Cool, Bill Buchanan

It was a sad, sad day in the YoYo household when the super-selective, T.V. watchin’ YoYos, viewed their screen in disbelief as it took the life of their favorite character on, the fast-paced, high-action, addictive “24”. How could this happen? Didn’t the writers understand that the YoYos tuned in weekly just to see the always stayin’ yogi-like, super-cool “boss of everything”, Bill Buchanan? Let’s just say, the YoYos were bummed.

Only in Hollywood

Only in Hollywood

Tonight, we head to Hollywood… home of swimmin’ pools and movie stars. Drivin’ by neglected communities borderin’ mansions the size of small countries, the YoYos finally arrive at Larchmont Village, a hip ‘hood of eclectic shops and outdoor cafes jam-packed with trendsetters savorin’ the warm summer night. Up the long staircase, we climb to discover the hip vibe and friendly faces at the illustrious Yogaworks Center for Yoga, located in the space of L.A’s first Yoga studio.

James Morrison - "24" Yogi Man

James Morrison "24's" Yogi Man

Mat touchin’ mat, the YoYos found our 2×6 in the back corner adjoinin’ unrecognizable percussion instruments. Waitin’ for class to begin, the YoYos’ jaw dropped when, like a beacon of welcome light, Bill, “the chillin’ even when the world is close to doom”, Buchanan, walked in and gave direction… to start on all 4’s”.

Now, the confused YoYos, thinkin’ they were caught in a “mind-game” movie, had been directed by a holy host of yogis to take this super-popular, distinctive “candlelight flow” class from teacher extraordinaire, James Morrison. But tonight, in this “only in Hollywood” space, it appeared James and Bill, were one and the same. Chief runner of covert operations, or kick-ass yoga instructor… the YoYos were just ecstatic to have their hero back, in the flesh.

James Morrison

James Morrison

Accompanied by the amazin’ sensual sounds of Soul Katuu, Rich Ferguson and Rich Mangicaro; warm, comical, relaxed James began this softly lit practice with his signature, easy style. The welcome tension releasin’ integration soon melted into familiar poses takin’ the guise of a free flowin’ dance as James led this eagar clan through an artistic series of taxing asana that challenged every sinew. Allowing an abundance of creative expression, this charismatic teacher encouraged this committed group to combine their breath and body with the vibration of soulful sounds that filled this expressive room. The YoYos love the sweat, laughs, freedom, ambiance, creative instruction, killer groove and the “most excellent” discovery that James can still be a weekly habit in the yoga studio, and on his new series, HawthoRNe.