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Day 74 LA-Yogaworks-Kathryn Budig

On Day 25 when salutin’ the sun in Portland, we had the most embarrassing pleasure of attemptin’ a class given by yogi inverter extraordinaire, Tiffany Cruikshank.  Jam-packed with arm balances and culminating with the “omygodasana”, Tick-Tock, we gained eye-openin’ insight into the world of “super-teachers” who cleverly break down seemingly impossible poses into everyday, YoYo speak.   Learnin’ that our “most excellent” adventure was headin’ south, Tiffany made us pinky swear that we’d experience the “off the charts” upside-down asana educator, Kathryn Budig, at Yoga Works Main while in Santa Monica.

Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig

Now, considerin’ the source of Kathryn’s glowin’ referral, and hearin’ nothin’ but super-shinin’ reviews about this “arm stand queen” from Yoga Works Marketing Guru, Terri Seiden, we knew this Flow 2-3 class was going to challenge us eager yet angst-ridden YoYos, to find a  spankin’ new, “edge”.

Igniting the room with her drop-dead gorgeous smile and playful vibes, we knew from previous encounters of the most scary kind, that while in the hands of this December ’08, cover model for Yoga Journal magazine, we would live to blog, if only we intently listened to our nationally celebrated teacher, gave our YoYo best effort and …remembered to breathe .

Kathryn in Sayansana

Kathryn chillin' in Sayansana

Startin’ “simple” by teachin’ us to catch air while jumpin’ into uttasana, we were soon addin’ crow to our Sun Salutations, or at least the yogi next to us was.  Kathryn proceeded through no shortage of   killer core, shoulder, arm, strength poses that clued us to the muscles that would be firin’ during the “feet over head” asanas to come.  Patiently, with total lack of demands, this gifted guide generously shared the “secrets” of taxin’ poses and gave us ample space to find our way through every “anti-gravity” asana.   Unknown years and 74 days of practice combined with 90 minutes with this master teacher, proved powerful as the YoYos actually held the “at the wall” hand, arm , head and whatever stand,  if only for  an “omg” second.  Playful and fun with total encouragement, this stellar teacher brought nothing’ but joy to her “Honey, we’re movin’ to Santa Monica” class.

HMMMM…. seems the only pressure these Roadtrippin’ YoYos ever feel while in the hands of these “super-teachers” is from inside…and that… we’re learnin’ to just breathe away.