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Day 92 San Diego-Haute Yoga-Michael Fukumura

Haute Yoga's Sensory Rich Lobby

Haute Yoga

Warmly welcomed into the newly opened, luxuriant walls of Haute Yoga in Solana Beach, the YoYos realized they had just pierced the artistic imagination of its’ world traveled owners. Taken by the opulent colors, lavish bamboo floors, sumptuous loungin’ areas, chic “everything yogi” retail space, rich use of rock, stone and metal in the swanky shower/dressing rooms, and the behind the scenes state of the art “eco-friendly” everything, the impressed YoYos immediately dissolved into the magical sensory experience,  owners Dino Flacco and Olivera Bogdanovich-Flacco have lovingly created for the virtual sea of SoCal yogis who are lucky enough to call this innovative spa-like studio, h”OM”e.

Michael Fukumura

Michael Fukumura

Findin’ a mere 2’x6’ for the Manduka on the mat to mat, cushy floored space of Studio #2, we peacefully awaited “rock-star” Anusara teacher, Michael Fukumura. After 6,000 miles and 107 days, the roadtrippin’ YoYo’s were ecstatic to finally find our way to the knowledge and heart-expandin’ practice this talented guide is known to share.


Michael Opened our Hearts and our Minds

Opened Hearted Michael

Startin’ in a ginormous circle of smilin’ happy yogis, Michael, who, after returnin’ from volunteering his vast talents at the 3rd Annual San Diego Karma Yoga event supporting Shakti Rising; opened with a touchin’ story about a young woman who desolately lost her way but gratefully found a guidin’ path back, through the structure of Yoga. Throughout this 90 minute alignment master’s class, Michael encouraged every “sweatin’ buckets” yogi to seek that same structure; while he generously allowed space to form each pose, root into it, set intention and use that directed energy off the mat, out the door and into the cosmic challenges of everyday life.

The amazed YoYos continue to be in awe of the depth of experience and flat out good vibes that radiate from the “off the charts” Anusara teachers we’ve experienced on this epic yogic discovery; Seattle’s Denise Benitez, Portland ‘s Sarahjoy Marsh, San Francisco’s Laura Christensen, Katchie Ananda, and Stacey Rosenberg, L.A’s Tara Judelle , San Diego’s Michael Fukumura, and of course, Anusara Founder John Friend who, the wound-up YoYos caught at Squaw Valley’s Wanderlust Festival; these mind-expandin’, body strengthenin’, peace providin’ teachers have given these grateful YoYos life-changin’ lessons they’ve taken with them to every class and throughout every amazin’ day of this “most excellent” adventure.