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Day 5 Seattle-Home Yoga Terri Dyer

Got to get going’ to our morning yoga class before heading’ out to The Naked Parade in Fremont at 12 noon!  It’s not really called, “The Naked Parade” but according to Seattleites, the “Summer Solstice Parade”, brings out a smorgasbord of bodies tattooed with bright paint and nothin’ else… ridin’ around on bikes.  The YoYos wouldn’t miss this for the world!   So up, and off we go to Home Yoga in Queen Anne, just walkin’ distance from the YoYos Seattle flat.


Home Yoga

No fancy sign…no lights, camera or action, just beautiful plants, and big welcoming smiles greeted the YoYos.  Terri Dyer, owner of Home Yoga, is proud to be a vital member of this pulsating Queen Anne neighborhood and has created a strong community by offering students generous discounts for bringing donations to the neighborhood’s suffering food banks, posting flyers from students to encourage yogis helping yogis, offering her comfortable space and level head to students forming various groups; she even gives mid-day yoga classes at nearby corporations to get people off the computer and on the mat.  Terri, a super-smart yogi who “pulled the plug” on her corporate life; found peace, love and happiness by meditating and teaching yoga before opening this neighborhood favorite 6 years ago…and the YoYos are soooo happy she did. 


Terri Dyer

The YoYos LOVE, a strong, fluid, creative sequence using breath as the connective tissue and that is exactly what they found at this home-grown neighborhood retreat. Reversing the flow with her smooth voice and encouraging direction from the front to the back of the mat, Terri mixes it up and keep her students moving in an unusual, lyrical, yet easy- to-follow artistic pattern that felt so damn good!  Terri processes a rare gift for brilliantly teaching all levels of yogis in the same class; offering basic poses, then suggesting deepening poses, then encouraging deeper-deepening poses so the class was perfect for the “never done yoga before” student and challenging for the “Lifer.”  Queen Anne is a killer location; minutes from Downtown …when in Seattle…check it out and feel like you’re coming HOME!  

After class, with the encouragement of the yogis at Home Yoga…off to the “Naked Parade” we go. We travel across town at the speed of sound and find ourselves with no place to park….CRAP!  We are going to miss the naked people!!!   We look and look and finally we find an almost legal spot.  We are runnin’ with The Ru (the wise, kind, old grandfather cocker spaniel has a hitch in the hip but he is highly motivated) miles down the street, (100 studio in 100 days has its benefits) to witness the coolest parade ever.  The street is filled with, well…we can’t really explain what the street is filled with, but something screams San Francisco, ’67, Summer of Love!  What a City!


Summer Solstice Parade


Juggling Unicyclist


Crazy Good Musicians