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Day 81 LA-Bhakti Yoga Shala-Govindas & Radha

Located just 2 blocks from the shimmerin’ Pacific, we enter the serene space of Bhakti Yoga Shala, juxtaposed against the jam-packed, vivacious, high action energy of the Santa Monica Promenade. It was here we were to discover how this new, donation-based, eco-conscious studio manages to “shine like a beacon” through the endless buffet of tantalizn’ L.A. yoga.

Govindas and Radha

Govindas and Radha

Engulfed by dark crimson walls, soothing lighting, rich wood floors, and the peaceful quality of owners Govindas and Radha; the comforting ambiance encouraged these “wound-up from street action”, YoYos, immediate and most welcome, restorative dissolve into a unique 1 ½ hour Bhakti Yoga Love Fest.

Pure, sweet energy, poured from Govindas as he opened this “Flow into the Weekend,” class with “othankgodasana,” groundin’ postures of appreciation that took on an almost euphoric quality when accompanied by the transporting voice and gentle guitar of exquisite wife, Radha. Together, this uber-talented team led this intimate class through a glorious chant that began soft and grew into a dynamic, spirited offering.

Heartfelt music for the soul abounded as artistic Govindas took to the Harmonium and voiced peace, love and happiness while Radha lead this devoted group through wondrous, free flowin’, sun celebratin’ salutations. As so it was, back and forth, throughout this body and heart, magical, musical celebration of devotion, and truth… this dynamic duo each bringin’ their unique sound, life and humor to this relaxing sequence of “liquid” asana. Encouragin’ freedom of movement, this graceful practice ended as it began, with postures of gratitude and joyous resonance.

Bhakti Yogis and Kirtan Artists

The floatin’ YoYos were “over the top” excited to learn that these gifted two had just released a CD, with the simple title of their not so simple names, and can be seen again by these blissed out YoYos on Sunday, as they lead the world of L.A. yogis through sun salutations at Global Mala.