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Day 3 Seattle-Yogalife-Fran Gallo

Yogalife / Greenlake – Fran Gallo


Green Lake


Green Lake Sidewalk Cafe

Dog-walkin,’ stroller-pushin’ hoop-shootin, fish-catchin’ sail-boatin’, road-bikin’, roller-bladin’, & power-nappin; Green Lake, a magnet for urbanites in search of a respite from the big city is just 10 minutes from downtown Seattle.  A magnificent park and 3 mile track circles this tree-lined paradise resting on the shores of a surprising reservoir.

The YoYo’s, and The Ru (the wise, kind, old, grandfather cocker spaniel) circled the perfectly maintained track at warp speed as the best possible warm-up for their much anticipated visit to Yogalife in Green Lake, a yoga studio surrounded by crowded outdoor cafes and cool little shops.


Fran Gallo

Maria, (aka Maria, the awesome)-Director of Operations met us with her beautiful fresh face and flashing smile as she energetically made sure we were introduced to Fran Gallo, a teacher as warm and open as the country her family hails from, Italy. We were feelin’ the LOVE permeate from this authentic ball of energy and were quick to realize that the yogis in this room were regulars who came for their daily dose of  Fran. Spanning all age groups and levels of ability, Fran personalized her class by asking each yogi if they had a specific pose they needed today and magically inter-wove each request into her joyful 11/4 hour Hatha class.  Fran’s easy, accepting style made us feel like we were long lost cousins and the yogis in this room made you want to join in a big group hug. Upon leaving, we were given FREE Class Cards which we couldn’t wait to give to our daughter and her “never done yoga before” Australian boyfriend knowing that they couldn’t find a more welcoming yoga community than is being offered at Yogalife, Green Lake.

Check out Fran’s Pantelleria Island, Sicily Yoga Retreat @ www.