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Day 16 Portland-One Song Yoga-Denise Payne

The children woke up and they couldn’t find them.
They left before the sun came up that day…..
(C’mon….everybody sing now …..)
…..where were they going without ever knowing the way?


Leavin' Seattle

Yo Portland!

Alligator tears waterfallin’ down the face of our younger daughter every time this classic ‘98 exit song played, fearin’ that her “never leave the kid out of their sight for a minute” parents, would pack it up, and disappear in the middle of the night.  But, that was then…

and this is NOW!…the YoYos actually did leave in the middle in the night to beat the Seattle sunrise- and “Away We Go”, as we continue our epic journey hittin’ 100 studios in 100 days and headed south to the Yoga Holy Land- Portland, Oregon, a virtual magnet for yogis near and far.


Denise Payne

Denise Payne

All wound up after our most excellent Kombucha filled road trip, we headed over to One Song Yoga, a killer expansion of Yoga Bhoga to kick off our Portland Yoga Studio Tour! Circling a few dozen times, we finally found this hidden ultra cool studio located in a converted warehouse turned “you got to be kidding me” hip urban yoga loft in a “up and comin’” SE area next to the Willamette River, railroad tracks (yoyoyogi man loves the sound of those trains), a packed to capacity trendy restaurant and artsy businesses.  We walked up the steel stairway to the 2nd floor, elated to find exposed brick walls, deep rich colors, magnificent beamed ceilings and the super-cool, super-fun, super-“God, I’m glad we came here”- owner, Denise Payne. 

Flyin' Denise

Flyin' Denise

We found our space on the expansive floor as friendly yogis just chatted away, makin’ us feel like one of the gang. We knew from the first “OM” that this spirited group was at the same time super accomplished and super accepting.  Denise asked the YoYos at the get-go, if we were comfortable with inversions- we are actually, perfectly comfortable, it’s just doing them that seems to get in the way, but the YoYos love a challenge and we loved even more the way Denise masterfully led her Classic Hatha Class with an amazing variety of diverse and unusual asanas that challenged our mind, strength and balance.   Joyfully, she encouraged all levels to accept what worked for them while expanding deeper and deeper, at times ending with anti gravity asanas for the yogis in this class that were- well, we know this isn’t very yogi-like, but … super impressive!  This class was fun/tough, fun/tough, fun- so fun in fact that after class, the yogis didn’t want to leave, so they just sat on the steps, hung out and …chatted away!