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Day 11 Seattle-Yogalife-Chiara Guerrieri

Stone "Stairway to Heaven"

Stone "Stairway to Heaven"

Upper Queen Anne

Upper Queen Anne

Takin’ off by foot to explore our soon-fleeting Queen Anne ‘hood on this glorious sunny day, we came upon a most excellent surprise…ancient stone stairs goin’ up as far as the eye could see.   What genius thought of this?  Back in Lake Tahoe, “OM” to the YoYo’s, the only way to ascend, is simply to scale sheer walls of granite.  Curious, the YoYos began climbing the “stairway to heaven” to discover what utopia waited! Surprised, we came upon teensy-weensy Kerry Park with views so stunning that every tourist in the city (including the YoYos) were snappin’ shots. Continuing the climb, we discovered gracious ‘ol manors, a kaleidoscope of flowering plants, an abundance of organic treats, colorful crowded outdoor cafes, smilin’ hyper  people drinkin’ even more coffee and the celebrated Yogalife, Upper Queen Anne’s premiere Yoga Studio.  It was in this hidden gem that the YoYos were to take class, simply titled “CORE”.


Chiara Guerrieri showin' Abs of Steel

YoYos legs were pretty much toast after climbing the ba-zillionth stone stair, but CORE… for that, we were ready!  We entered the charming, brick building housing two enchanting outdoor cafes and crawled to the 2nd floor.  Greeted by a full room of Yogis gushing over the talents of instructor Chiara Guerrieri, we were told how lucky we were to be in the class of this “Italian Stallion” who was teacher to the teachers, in Seattle. Entering the breezy, sunny room with glistening hardwood floors, open windows, super- happy yellow walls and giant periwinkle ceilings, the YoYos, even with legs destroyed, immediately – felt the love! Chiara, super-expressive, passionate, and entertaining entered the room and we knew this class was simultaneously going to kick our butts, teach us a ton, and make us laugh.  

Five minutes into the teensy-tiny, precise, killer-tight floor movements, a roaring sigh came from an experienced student in the back of the room….We guessed he was doin’ the intense sequence, spot-on..  This Core class was not one of those fiery muscle burners that made you want to Heave-Ho…nope, it was a lesson on how to use that belly to the max demanding strength from those deeply-hidden muscles that we were just discovering.  Leavin’ the floor- work behind, Chiara, using humor to lighten our “deer in a headlight” faces, translated this one of a kind mid section lesson into every asana making postures, longer, stronger and more potent!  The class flew by as the YoYo minds concentrated on applying the recently learned lesson to every familiar pose making them feel entirely new- Powerful!  Newbie, hyper-bendy yogini, or super-yogi man; the YoYos are pretty positive that everyone could benefit from this one hour makeover.

The YoYos can’t wait to apply the principals they learned from this spirited teacher at the next 88 classes of their epic journey and will never forget the deep words Chiara left them with…“Remember,” she said smiling, “always put your ass in every asana”.  

You can be sure, the Yo Yos, always lookin’ for adventure, will be checkin’ for  Chiara’s next Italian Yoga Retreat!