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Day 1 Seattle-Shakti Vinyasa Yoga-Lisa Black

Seattle, Washington, June 15, 2009

Shakti Vinyasa Yoga / Ballard – Lisa Black


Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park

The sun’s shinin’, the birds singin’ as we cross the threshold of our cool Queen Anne apartment and UNLOAD…we packed for 100 days, but this is ridiculous….all we really need is the itinerary of the Best Yoga Studios and Teachers on the West Coast, the Manduka, the Toes, the Mac, the ipod, the wise, kind, old grandfather cocker spaniel, Rudy (author of down dogisms), and of course, each other. However, it seems we brought just a little bit more. Hundreds of stairs later, (we keep sayin’ it’s good for the butt), we looked out the window to the awe-inspiring Puget Sound and watched as the diamonds jumped off the water – takin’ a deep breath…


Lisa Black

We ramped it into high gear and headed to the studio that Seattle magazine rates as the #1 Power studio in the city, Shakti Vinyasa Yoga, to take a Power 2 class from studio owner, Lisa Black.  The YoYo’s got  ready to SWEAT knowing that Lisa was featured in Yoga Journal 2008 as one of the top “talented young teachers shaping the future of yoga”. Wearing as little as the law allows, we raced across town to the quaint neighborhood of Ballard.

We were greeted by a kaleidoscope of eye-poppin’ colors that invigorated the mind and calmed the spirit at this stunning studio.  Instantly, we felt the welcoming energy of our fellow yogis at Shakti Vinyasa Yoga and understood why Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga is rippin’ up the yoga community, attracting supporters at light speed.

Shakti Vinyasa -Ballard

Shakti Vinyasa -Ballard

Lisa Black, Senior Master Baptiste Instructor, powered it up and the YoYo’s knew something very special was about to go down..  Her voice…so soothing, her easy way…so experienced, we didn’t realize until after class that we’d had every yoyo muscle worked to its infinite edge and back again.   Lisa’s adjustments were beyond compare as she assisted each student to a new level…was that really YoYoYogi man hangin’ in one-legged/armed-whatever crow…?

We went in search of “not to miss studios” on the west coast – Shakti Vinyasa Yoga is all that and more!


Day 2 Seattle-Shakti Vinyasa East-Lisa Black

Shakti Vinyasa Yoga / Bellevue – Lisa Black


Pike Place Market

A Mecca for fruit, veggies, flowers, damn good street musicians, tourist, and the YoYo’s, Pike Place Market is a microcosm of the Emerald City. Old, young, every color and country on earth is represented in the outrageous gift of this square mile. Fun & Funky, the sights and sounds of this farmer’s bounty enlivens every YoYo cell and encourages us to just breathe and be as we prepare for a return trip to the teachin’ excellence of Lisa Black.  Tonight we head across town to Shakti Vinyasa Yoga EAST to her newest studio in Bellevue, Washington.


Peter Avolio and Lisa Black

Lisa Black’s Shakti 3 is her powerful & challenging Signature Class. Based on her creative genius from the previous night, we are excited to take it on.  We find the Bellevue studio on a quaint street of boutique businesses and enter the jaw-droppin’ beauty of this innovative studio.  Photos on the wall of Lisa and husband, Peter Avolio, remind the YoYo’s that the owners/directors of Shakti Vinyasa Yoga are renown throughout the yogi community. The gorgeous palettes of colors throughout the studio are so delicious it made us want to eat the walls. Gi-normous windows flooded the room with light….but the killer interior was just the openin’ act… Lisa’s Shakti 3 class was the headliner!


Lisa Black Assisted Backbend

The encouraging, evenly-paced voice of this talented teacher effortlessly moved the class through ultra-creative, fluid movements. An hour of the sweetest flow seemed like mere minutes as the YoYo’s totally peaced-out. Lisa guided the class through practice expandin’ arm balances, backbends and inversions while she gave her heart n’ soul to everyone who wanted to ‘give it a go”.

Perfectly placed, her rockin’ tunes and good humor gave Lisa’s signature Shakti 3 class, life, FUN and energy.

Shakti 3=SO SUH-WEET!!!