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Day 69 LA-Yogaworks-Annie Carpenter

Annie Carpenter

Annie Carpenter

In yoga studios from Settle to Santa Monica, some of our most excellent teachers have raved “big time” about international trainer, Annie Carpenter.  Seems yoga instructors near and far just can’t get enough of this “teacher to the teacher”, that amps up their juice.  After takin’ class from some of these talented yogis, we weren’t sure what they’d do with more “juice”, but we were excited to take class with this highly respected leader.

Amazing Yogini and Teacher

Amazing Yogini and Teacher

Our third trip to Santa Monica Yoga Works-Main; the comfortable surroundings, cool yogi stuff, big casual hang out space, tall wood ceilings, yogis everywhere; all felt  familiar and relaxed as we waited for the doors to open to the unpretentious studio.  Mat to mat with our friendly neighbors in this mid-mornin’ class; smilin’ Annie entered and illuminated this space with her easy glow and welcoming way.  Continuing with her comical and “oh so thorough” asana explanations, Annie helped these challenged YoYos, and  Annie’s class of loyal students through some seemingly forever “leg-shakin’” moments in this “class” of a class.

Annie opened a whole new view of familiar poses;  reachin’ and rotatin’ things here, there and everywhere; makin’ unfamiliar spaces come to life.… all the while… holdin’ that illustrious edge.  Grateful YoYo’s were we to experience that “juice” that lucky teachers/ yogis at this studio and at

Annie’s world-wide workshops get from this “Professor of Yoga”.


Headin' back to dock

Late afternoon, the wind came up and YoYoYogiman turned into “bad mood” man, because he loves sailboats as much as he loves yoga and we’ve not been able to take our swapped “home away  from home” out to sea.  Today is the day we take our temporary floating space out on the ocean for the first time ever. Out to sea we go… and the waves were ginormous… so, we just breathed deep and rode the big waves.  And the big huge waves that at one time looked scary- didn’t look so big…

Lots of lessons for one little day.