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Day 50 SF-Piedmont Yoga-Ann Dyer

Yo!…Day 50…  Already half way through this most excellent adventure… and the “spinnin’ on a dime”, YoYo’s celebrated by throwin’ their “best laid plans” out the proverbial window.  Seems the “in the know” Bay Area yogis are a little more than adamant about addin’ more epic of the epic teachers to the YoYo’s vast itinerary.  So “away we go” on this divine day, as we head waaaaay across the Bay to the space where luminary owners Rodney Yee and Richard Rosen, bring yoga leaders of legendary scope together at the Piedmont Yoga Studio.  This stellar studio voted “Best Yoga Studio 2009″ by the readers of East Bay Express offers yoga classes for everybody;  seniors, disabled persons, people suffering from illnesses, mom’s to be and well, …just everybody!

Ann Dyer

Ann Dyer

Today, we had the profound pleasure of takin’ a Hatha 2-4 class at this celebrated studio from Ann Dyer, ex-dancer, former jazz singer and now, on now her 3rd blissful life, as a “most excellent” Hatha and Nada yoga instructor.  Using her spiritually rich gift of voice, Anne joyfully began by filling the room with a most beautiful, soothing chant that relaxed the YoYo’s into Ann’s theme of the day….Shoulders!

Yogini and Singer

Yogini of Sound

Shoulders openin’, shoulders rotatin’, and shoulders at times, feelin’ like they were gonna fall off;  we learned how to use the tops, sides and blades of those “holdin’ the weight of the world” ledges to allow our chest, back and even our kidneys to open- or in Ann speak, “fluff”!  Rehearsing Ann’s scientific lesson through familiar postures during this subtle, yet advanced practice we learned to make our “tired” Down Dog’s and Warrior One’s, feel bright, shiny and new!

The YoYo’s loved practicin’ what we were learnin’ under Ann’s super-experienced microscopic eye, knowing these priceless lessons were a gift to take with us on the next 50 days…and the rest of our yogi lives!

Muir Beach

Muir Beach

Feelin’ strappin’ and strong after our most remarkable time with brilliant Ann, the YoYo’s took a long drive to the Pacific Ocean. Wearin’ sweats and sweaters, hats and gloves….we heard every beautiful language on the planet earth being spoken at Muir Beach, “The United Nations of Marin County”. Whippin’ wind didn’t faze the always curious YoYo’s who decided to climb above the opaque fog to get the “full monty” of this jaw-droppin’ place that people come from all over the world to see.

Lucky YoYo’s are we!  Fifty down and 50 most excellent days to go!