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Day 98 San Diego-CPY-Amy Opielowski

Bodies by Yoga Sculpt

Beach Bodies by Yoga Sculpt

Where were all the ½ naked, beautiful people scootin’ off to… the curious YoYos wondered as they took off on a flat out chase after the perfectly chiseled? After all, we were mere days from headin’ home and the un-yogi like westerner in us knew that friends and family would be checkin’ us out to see what 100 days of yoga looked liked. Seems the San Diego secret that keeps the barely clad lookin’ hot, was simply hittin’ the super-popular Yoga Sculpt class at CorePower Yoga in Point Loma. Apparently, this class is so powerful that even a couple of YoYos could hit this weight in hand, yoga hybrid and find those illusive abs of steel.

Amy Opielowski

Amy Opielowski

Enterin’ the “non-heated” inferno of this incessantly jam-paced space a full twenty minutes before the super-fit, co- manager and lead for CorePower Yoga’s boot camp program, Amy Opielowski began; the YoYos squeaked out a bitty space for manduka, yogi toes and the wussy weights that they hoped they could handle. Lookin’ into the eyes of intensity that loomed throughout this no nonsense room, the clairvoyant YoYos knew this next hour of “A” personality power was gonna kick their melancholy butts back up the coast from whence they came.

Gently and methodically, seemingly sweet Amy lead beautifully sequenced warm-ups and a weightless flow designed to dupe us, if only for a mistaken moment , into thinkin’ we could get through these graceful movements with no problem. Then, like a flash, this trickster teacher turned up the volume, picked up the weighs and it was all.. .Go…YoYos… Go!

Yoga Sculpy

Yoga Sculpt

Sweat pourin’, muscles burnin’ and music poundin’… this “not for the light of challenge” class took the sweet asanas that we have so lovingly mastered and turned even ol’ faithful down dog into an epic adventure. Holdin’ belly to backbone through every bend, stretch and balance, the obedient YoYos did as told and controlled our bodies, our breath and mind until the final…most appreciated… lake o’ sweet sweat…. SAVASANA!

After hittin’ Core3, Core2, Fusion and now this “flab to fabulous” class, the YoYos understand why CorePower Yoga is ALIVE in SoCal. These awesome studios treat their loyal students to killer classes, top-notch teachers, tight-knit communities, coveted showers and “off the charts” fun!