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Day 94 SD-CPY-Amber Dawn Clark

Pacific Beach Boardwalk

Pacific Beach Boardwalk

The Pacific Beach boardwalk is jam-packed with young and old; bikin’ skatin’, walkin’ and joggin’ their way down the infinite path that seemingly stretches to Mexico. It is here, on this Zen road filled with beer stands, party houses and fake surf wave pools that The Ru; wise, old, kind, “rock star” cocker spaniel was recognized by hoards of peeps of the tiny variety. Compelled to look deep into his intelligent eyes, pat his turnin’ white head, attempt to sit on his comfy back and kiss his “hard to miss” nose, the leash holdin’ YoYos simply stood back and witnessed this uncomplicated, gentle soul, child magnet and wondered if all the elusive secrets of life were hidden inside his 3” head. After all; this gentle, caring, furry character lives life in the moment and spreads nothin’ but peace, love and happiness throughout the world.

Amber Dawn Clark

Amber Dawn Clark

Takin’ our “no worries” cue from the wooly one, we calmly ventured just down the road to CorePower Yoga – Pacific Beach (PB), where tonight, we carry boardwalk bliss into the peaceful, candle lit space where Amber Dawn Clark teaches the Hot Power Fusion class that this illustrious studio has made so popular, it has sparked others to emulate this innovative style, nationwide.

The end ‘o the week, Sunday Night YoYos loved the serene ambience created in the silent, packed room of regulars, restin’ with eyes closed, forgettin’ their worries, breathin’ deeply and calmin’ themselves for the testing hour of power they knew was to come from their inspired instructor .

Ground Down to Fly

Fly Amber Dawn - FLY!

Beginnin’ by groundin’ into Mother Earth and warmin’ the body with creative sun salutations, this luminous leader encouraged us to connect to the breath that would carry us throughout this perfect blend of balance, strength, alignment and stretch. Incorporating the challenge of Bikram, Vinyasa and Power accompanied by stellar sounds, this testing sequence set in the aura of steamy bliss; liberated the week behind while joyfully welcoming the one beyond.

How super-cool to have CorePower Yoga’s “hot” classes a “most excellent” part of this epic adventure!