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Day 10 Seattle-8 Limbs Yoga-Anne Phyfe Palmer


Anne Phyfe Palmer

Today’s the day the YoYos have been anticipating since they received the most welcome invitation from Anne Phyfe (double first name) Palmer, owner of  8 Limbs Yoga, to take her morning class accompanied by the “So Much Magnificence” music of Steve Gold & Anne-Emilie.  Totally excited, the YoYos were about to experience a Flow 2 class given by one of Seattle’s most celebrated teachers in her positively “not to miss” studio, accompanied by this talented musical team.  This was true YoYo bliss!   

8 Limbs Boutique

8 Limbs Boutique

 The unassuming store front located in Capitol Hill, did not disclose the too-cool studio that waited up the long, brick-lined stairway to the massive 2nd floor.  Once there, the YoYos knew there was no place in all the continents, in all the world that they would rather be.  Smilin’ Sarah welcomed us into the giant greeting space filled with cool yogi gear, comfy couches and possibly the cutest little kids ever. This totally unique studio has so many awesome, hidden areas that creative Anne opened a hip little kid’s space, allowing Moms & Dads a little yogi time to fill ‘er up.  Let’s just say that this one of a kind studio gives Seattleites, or roadtrippin’ yogis, plenty to fill up on.

8 Limbs Suyra Studio

Students in the Surya Studio

Overlooking the city below, the Surya (Sun) Studio is engulfed by beautiful, old-style floor to ceiling windows that allowed a radiant glow to stream into the room, our hearts and minds.  Casually, smilin’ yogis streamed in and scattered their mats as they seemed to inhale their surroundings.  Anne entered; calm, authentic and pure, starting with a deep breathing exercise inspired by Ron Stryker that immediately lightened the YoYos, creating clarity.  From there, Anne’s fluid movements revolved around lifting the heart…making it light.  No stress, no strain, no worries in this calming yet powerful class; just a sense of ease in this peaceful space. Offering a buffet of deepin’ variations to every asana, Anne’s easy style had a calming effect that could be felt in this room of yogis strongly encouraged to feel their individual practice.  

Anne, Anne-Emilie,Steve & The Yo Yos

Anne, Anne-Emilie, Steve & The Yo Yos

As Anne brought the class to near close, a most beautiful sound began filling the room…Steve Gold magnificently strummed his acoustic guitar as his rich resonate voice took over. His beautiful wife, Anne-Emilie created soothing, “soul full” harmonies. After several peace-providin’ melodies, the lyrical music expanded throughout the room as the yogis joined in to create a magical sound. These YoYos were transported!

Talkin’ to this ultra-talented Seattle based team, we were jazzed to find that Steve and Anne-Emilie after just returning from a 6 week tour with Shiva Rhea in Bali, were off to tour the West.  With 89 studios to go…the YoYos chances of havin’ a “take 2” are lookin’ pretty good.

Is the YoYo Seattle time really almost gone??…The YoYos,  kickin’ themselves for not schedulin’ days and days to spend at the other 8 Limbs studios- located in Wedgwood and West Seattle, know when they come back, they’ll be blissin’ at  8 Limbs Yoga!