Vanquish the Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires come in a wide variety of species and sizes, but they all have one thing in common. They suck the energy right out of you.

You know what I’m talking about. There are activities that give us energy: spending time in nature, engaging in a favorite past time, being with those we share common ideas and passions. Then there are those activities that suck our energy out of us like hungry vampires: spending time in traffic, working in a dead-end passionless job, spending time with aunt Mildred at Thanksgiving. (Not that aunt Mildred isn’t a lovely person, it’s just… Well, you know.)

All of us have both energy sources and energy drains in our lives.

Bramacharya, the yoga Yama from Patanjali’s Sutras, is often translated as Abstinence or Moderation. Bramacharya is really all about understanding that we are energy and how we use it, replenish it, or waste it makes a huge difference in life. It’s about getting rid of the Energy Vampires in our lives so that we can use our energy in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

The next Yama in Patanjali’s Sutras is Aparigraha, which translates into Non-Possessiveness, Non-Greediness, or Non-Hording.

I see these first two yamas, Bramacharya and Aparigraha, as a natural couple. If we can let go of the things we do and the stuff we have that zaps our energy, the more we’ll live at peace with enough energy to engage in that which serves us. You know how it feels when you finally clean out that closet full of all the stuff you don’t use any more. You dig in one Saturday afternoon and feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment when you finish. That’s Aparigraha

It’s pretty easy to identify the big things: dead-end jobs, bad-habits, dead-end relationships, and of course your own personal Aunt Mildred. The challenge is to identify the subtle things that we do and the small things that we have that, when compounded, are the real vampires. Over-stuffed closets, TV shows and magazines, short gossipy conversations we have at the water cooler, and long overdue grudges zap our energy and congest our beings.

Only you can identify your vampires. Aparigraha asks us to let go of them. This to me is an important part of your yoga practice. Yoga brings you energy. The less you use your Yoga practice to replenish the energy the vampires have stole from you, the more you can use this practice to soar to new heights.

Practice identifying and letting go of what zaps you during your yoga practice. Release fear, doubt, arrogance, EGO, or stressors that pull you off the mat. Let it go, so you can soar.


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