Releasing the Inner Masterpiece

Do you ever feel like you skin is to tight to fit all of who you are? Trapped and dying to get out? Or in a state that constantly overwhelms your body, mind, and spirit? Yeah I think that we all know that feeling…  Perhaps our recent journey to the mountain can shed a little light on the matter.

This past week Terri and I traveled to Wanderlust at Squaw Valley.  We had the chance to join with thousands of yogis and take class from some of yoga’s notable teachers.  Being old fux ourselves, we chose to take from some of the “old-timers” like Rod Stryker and Dharma Mittra.

We liked these seasoned yogis as they seem to simplify the complicated concepts of yoga.  For instance, Rod explained that the goal of a yoga class is to feel better than when you began.  That difference is a result of creating a more free flowing energy inside of you.  Dharma Mittra discussed how reaching a higher state of awareness is really a simple matter of following the 8 Limbs of Yoga as outlined by Patanjali:

have a moral foundation

improve your body

practice breath control

get a little quiet

focus your thoughts

remember God a couple of times a day


Perhaps my favorite lesson was when he reminded us that we are already all that we seek; however, we have forgotten who we are.  Yoga is the way to help us remember.

As I thought about this, my mind went to Michelangelo.  When asked how he was able to sculpt masterpieces from a solid block of marble he replied, “I see the figure that is trapped inside and release it by taking away what isn’t needed.”

Which brings me back to yoga.  If we are already all that we could ever hope to be, then all we need to do is remove what isn’t needed and release the masterpiece that is trapped inside.

As Dharma Mittra said, “It is really a simple process.”  The only thing we need to do is actually practice the process (Yoga) with a fierce determination, (of course there is always a catch) and we too can be master sculptors or our lives, our awareness, and our enlightenment.

Perhaps today is a good day to take stock in how you are proceeding on your journey to unveiling the masterpiece that is you. What are your moral guidelines? (the Yamas and Niyamas are a good starting point) How are you taking care of your physical being?  Is your breath at the forefront of your practice? Can you quiet your mind and maintain select focus?  Do you remember your creator at least a couple times a day?

It’s not about being perfect… it’s about being committed to the practice. It is simple but not easy. And, it’s often the simple things practiced over time that makes the difference that you seek.


Om Shanti




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