Newton’s Third Law of Motion

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” – Newton’s Third Law of Motion

“For whatsoever a man sow, that shall he also reap.” -Galatians 6:7

The Law of “Karma”: The Law of “Cause and Effect, Action and Reaction.”


Part of the process of “waking up” (awakening) is to understand that every action we take will have an effect. Even no action has its consequences. We cannot escape the responsibility of what we do.

How many of us stop to think of the consequences of our actions before we take them? I’m not necessarily speaking about the big decisions; instead, I’m addressing the day-to-day choices we tend to make without much thought of the consequences. When compounded over time, these often have huge impact on our lives.

Terri had an aunt that lived to 100. Everyday she walked 5 miles. Everyday, rain or shine, right after she finished watching All My Children. While we are still not sure if it was the walking or the anticipation of her show that kept her going all those years, it was a simple choice, compounded over time that made an epic difference.

Sometimes the choices we make affect us solely; however, often times our choices have a domino effect, reaching far beyond our personal sphere. Where was the cool top on the sale rack that matches my new shorts perfectly made? Locally or in a Sweat Shop? What kind of environment does my food grow? Those decisions matter. Make them consciously.

Yoga and Karmic Debt

Yoga tells us that the life we are born into is a result of all our actions in all our previous lives. We can pay off our Karmic Debt through the practice of Yoga. Consciously acting from a strong moral foundation, breathing, asana, and meditation all pay a debt.

Now I don’t know about past lives, but I do know that each action we take creates the life we lead. I challenge you to act with full awareness of Newton’s Third Law of Motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every action, not just the convenient ones.

This, of course, applies to your practice. You choose how you practice. Will you succumb to ego? Will you relinquish your practice to habit? Or will you consciously be guided by your breath as you explore each posture to see what is possible in that space between too much and not enough?

How you experience life and the impact that you have on the world you live in (which is of course the world we all live in) is all up to you. Newton laid down the law. Will you be adding or subtracting from your Karmic debt with the choices you make?


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