Mantra Matters

Mantra is a sound or series of sounds or words that are capable of creating transformation. In yoga, the most well know is Mantra is Aum or Om.

The power that exists within the vibration of a sound when repeated over and over again will create a corresponding transformation or change at the energetic level of our beings.

Mantra allows us to consciously focus our awareness on a single object and simultaneously align our internal energetic vibration with the sounds of the mantra. Mantra, therefore, is a powerful tool to bring about systemic energetic change.

Whether or not we are aware of the power of Mantra, all of us have Mantras running in our subconscious mind constantly.“Self-talk” is a form of Mantra.  A word or series of words that we repeat in our minds over and over again that impact us on every level: mentally, energetically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

As I read Bhava Ram’s book, Warrior Pose, I am struck by how he consciously weaves a mantra into his daily yoga practice. His healing process is a direct result to his mantra: “I am strong, healthy and flexible.”

Before yoga, his mantra was; “…my back is broken. I can’t move. Only drugs control the pain. I have cancer and I am dying…”

By consciously changing the words he repeated to himself, he changed his subconscious. What do you think his chances of surviving would have been had he not changed his internal dialogue?

What are the mantras running through your mind that are defining your existence?

Next time you move through your practice, try incorporating the most basic of mantras.  As you breath in, silently chant a single word that embodies something that you would like to have more of in your life.  As you breath out, silently chant OM…

Then witness the change. See if this one simple addition can alter your inner harmonic energy and overall practice.



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