Letting Go to Grow

To become what we might be, we must let go of all that we are.

I have been reading Bhava Ram’s book, Warrior Pose: How Yoga Literally Saved My Life. I am struck by the undeniable fact that had life as he knew it not been ripped out from underneath him, he would never had taken the journey that has led him to become the amazing teacher that he is today.

His back was broken, and he was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer. No matter which way we look at it, the life he knew could no longer continue in the manner he knew it.

Life can force us to let go of what we are so that we can become what we will be. Whether the circumstances be tragic or full of hope and adventure, we are all given the opportunity to let grow to grow.

Some are easy to identify in the case of life-altering accidents, changing jobs, or falling in love. But most chances may fall undetected unless you are paying attention on a smaller level daily, moment to moment, breath to breath.

We are all in a constant state of change. Hopefully, we are continuously casting off what no longer serves us so that we can move through life open and ready for newness. We tend to downplay the importance of the daily changes even though they are the ones that tend to define our lives as well as our ability to handle the larger changes.

For me, this is where yoga becomes so important.

Yoga is about actively stripping away what we don’t need, so that we can allow all that we are to shine forth. Each time we come to the mat, we have the opportunity to learn a little more about ourselves and continue the process of waking up. In effect, on the mat we become acquainted with the amazing beings that we are internally regardless of the circumstances of our lives externally. We combine a physical practice with deep intentional breath and a clear focused awareness to learn how to be calm in difficult situations. We learn how to step away from a raging ego and accept where we are at any given moment with grace and humility. We PRACTICE taking on life’s challenges, building the resources that one day we might need.

With a higher state of awareness to the constant changes in our day to day life, we won’t be easily caught off guard. And when the big things happen, which they will, we are better equipped to handle them.

This does not mean life-changing cataclysmic events won’t rock us. They will. But, we’ll know where to reach inside for the strength to continue, learn, and grow.

Bhava’s entire identity had to be shattered before he found the courage to go inside and find out who he really was. Hopefully for those of us who practice yoga, we can learn to continually let go so that we constantly grow.


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