How you complete this sentence dictates your entire life.

Recently I was reading The Lost Symbol, a novel by Dan Brown, and two of the characters were discussing the passage in Genesis 1:27 “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

The characters go on to consider how nowhere does it say that this “image” translates into anything physical.

Hmmmmm… This got me thinking.  When I think of God, I don’t see the great old man with a long white beard and flowing robes of all the Renaissance paintings. Instead, I tend to think of God as a creator, an spiritual force limited by nothing.  So when I think about being created in his/her/their image, I see not our physical beings but our spiritual beings that have an unreal ability to create.

As far as we know, man/woman is the only species on earth that has been given the blessing/curse of free choice.  We essentially create our lives.

Enter “I AM…”

Who we are is a direct result of what we think.  Every action we take is a result of a thought and those thoughts are driven by what we believe.  “As ye think, so shall ye be.” (Jesus) “What we think, we become.” ( Buddha) We begin to create our experiences with how we complete the sentence I AM….

Want to open your eyes?  Try tape recording yourself for a day and then listen to how you speak to yourself.

Most of us aren’t paying attention to what we say or how we say it. Yet it is our self talk that dictates our life’s experiences.

How many of us say repeatedly, “I am too tired… I am too busy… I don’t have enough time…?” How about, “I am not smart enough, cute enough, fit enough, or rich enough to….?” What about all the thoughts that we never speak out loud but run amuck in our minds?  How many of us are willing to take a moment to see what we are actually saying to ourselves?

I admit, what we find can be pretty scary. We all have limiting beliefs that we routinely propagate.

Which leads me to the yoga part…

Yoga is about waking up to and taking control of those thoughts and negative self talk.  Then, instead of being whipped around by our minds like the tail of a kite, we can begin to create the life that we want to lead.

Perhaps the first step is your next. The next time you come to your mat, quiet yourself and withdraw your senses so you can hear the voice in your head as you move through your practice.  Notice how you talk to yourself about your practice. Do you have a “strong side?” Do you wonder how you look in a certain posture? Are your hamstrings tight?  We all have those thoughts, and somehow we miss that we are limiting our experience by playing them over and over again in our minds.

The next time you practice, recognize when those limiting words pop into your head.  Acknowledge them and make a conscious, awakened decision to stop the same old story lines that form patterns of destruction. Redefine it immediately. “I am getting stronger on this side. I am digging the way this feels. I am lengthening my hamstrings by simply folding forward.” Create the yoga experience you want for yourself.

Begin the habit of corrective self talk on your mat; soon, you will take it for a ride off the mat as well It takes a little practice, but yogis are used to practicing.

Your mind is powerful, but it also permeable. Shape your thoughts to create your life’s experiences. As soon as you begin to embrace this simple, yet powerful concept, you can begin to watch your life transform before your very eyes.

OM Shanti




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