Create Your Life, Breath to Breath

“When you are washing the dishes, wash the dishes”.

Last week we discussed our ability to create our lives.

Humor me as we examine this notion with a magnifying glass. Assume that we create our life experience by the choices we make, consciously or unconsciously, moment to moment. How many of us abdicate the process to habits? We brush our teeth, make our tea/coffee, wash the dishes, take a shower, get dressed, take the same route to work, work, same route home, eat our dinners, and crawl into the same side of bed each and everyday… usually without ever stopping to think about what we want each of those events to be like. One day blends into the next and our life loses it sizzle.

What if we are missing the point of being given the blessing/curse of free choice?  You know, the gift of being able to choose not what we want to do with our lives not just on a grand scale but also moment to moment, breath to breath.

The Buddhist say, “When you are washing the dishes, wash the dishes”.

What if nirvana is to be found in a sink full of hot water and ivory soap? When was the last time you thought to create a sensual experience as you washed the dishes, hands sliding over the smooth china lightly coated in slippery water, the sudsy bubbles slowing popping across your knuckles?

I fear we may even miss the beauty that awaits us each time we step on our yoga mats.  Unless we approach that experience with a specific intention, we stand in danger of missing it. We can skate into the same class each day and drop into the same postures without ever really being there.


we can commit to ultimate awareness through mindfulness. We can create an experience that leaves us breathless as we push our bodies to the edge or we can relax into bliss, concentrating on a quiet mind and maintaining a smooth, even breath. The choices are endless, and choices alter your experiences.

Before you begin your next practice, take a few moments to quiet your mind and decide what it is you want from this practice, not in general, but specifically. The next 60, 75 or 90 minutes is yours. Own it. Then create that experience breath to breath. Of course, stay open during this journey as you might come across a door that leads you down an unexpected road, offering yet another choice among the millions that you will make as you create an extraordinary life.

Om Shanti



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