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YoYoYogi… Up Close and Personal in P-Town!

My o my.. how time FLYS when you’re blissin’ in the super-stylin’ “100 year old”  bricks and mortar studio of YoYoYogi!

It was only 4 fleetin’ weeks ago that yogis and the super-curious began their bare-footin‘  journey through our unknown doors.  Seems the seriously fun mission of YoYoYogi…. to bring thick and thin, young and old, big dudes and tiny grandmas together, under one beautiful, historic roof to experience many of the BEST teachers in Portland “unleashed and uncensored”…  has really caught on.

Since our first momentous day, the “never done yoga, can’t touch my toes” variety, has now… done yoga, and is workin’ down the leg and toward that foot… quite nicely thank you .  The brief-case slingin’ sort have found themselves “chillin’” and oftentimes moanin’ in an unexpected sweet release. Super-duper yogis have found themselves upside-down, inside-out and backwards.  And, those of the venturesome ilk have found that dance, martial arts and yoga is one hell of a super-fun soup as they experience the grace of a warrior in  “Samurai” Yoga”.

New friends have been made in the “Fun of Flying” team sport of AcroYoga and bodies have been stretched an inch in Yogaaaahhh bliss.   And, smiles, voices, strength and breath have been re-discovered in classes with goofy names that the YoYoYogi family of “off the charts” teachers have unleashed on this unsuspecting community. What a month it has been!

We hope you’ll keep on keepin’ on and if you haven’t checked out our $28 First Month of Unlimited Yoga… What are you Waitin’ For???

Tell your friends, tell your strangers… this mind-bendin’, body-stretchin, peace providin’ Yoga is… nothin’ but cool!