About Us

Who are the Yo Yo Yogis?

They are two people-huggin’, life-lovin’, chance-takin’, free-stylin’ yogis who live just off center.

Decades ago, this disco-dancin,’ big hair-wearin,’ rock-singin’ action duo met under the Hollywood sign, tied the knot, made a family, and lived life up and upside down — just like a yoyo!

Leavin’ the glitter, they headed north and found way too much “success” in the corporate world — a world that did not fit these nature-lovin’, globe-trottin’, music-makin’ free spirits. That’s when YOGA made it’s grand entrance to their lives, bringin’ peace, love, and happiness to these suit-wearin’, blackberry-carryin’, briefcase-slingin’ souls.

Soon they became deep-breathin’, mat-carryin’, book-readin’ students learning from the unsung givers who showed them the way. The body-buildin’, mind-expandin’ spirit-unfoldin’ feeling grew in these YoYos, and they felt their path unfold.

“What if?” they asked… and like a vision they knew.

They would be the road-trippin’, life-explorin’, path- showin’ guides setting out on a most excellent adventure to uncover the “not to miss” Yoga Studios on the West Coast!

Join the YoYo Yogis as they map the journey to undiscovered teachers who give the most mind- bendin’, body-strenchin’,peace-providin’ practice.  They’ll visit:

100 studios in 100 days – Seattle to San Diego.

and reveal tranquil places to lay down your blissed-out body and luscious places to fill it back up.

It’s all there for the takin,’ so their fellow soul-explorin’, bandana-wearing’, zen-lovin’ yogis in need of a revelation can skip the researchin’ and get on with the trippin.’

Join the YoYo Yogi Roadtrip.
Summer 2009!


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  • […] Yo Yo Yogis, as described on their About Us page “are two people-huggin’, life-lovin’, chance-takin’, free-stylin’ yogis who live […]

  • Terri Thiessen:

    I loved readin’ about you. And soon I’m hopin’ to be leasin’ to you two dynamic-thinkin’ yogis here in the happenin’ Windsor Town Green Village.

    Have fun, and hopefully I’ll be hearin’ from you sometime in the future.


  • Hi Yo Yo Yogis!

    What a fun site you guys have built! When you did your 100 studios tour, it would have been nice if we could have made that list. Our green-built and operated studio specializes in vinyasa and ashtanga. Let us know if you’re going to come around again.

    If you’re interested, I’d like to trade stories. We’re always having workshops and other interesting things happening.



  • Phil:

    Love what you guys are doing. Jill Allen at Core Power Yoga is one of my favorite teachers — always an inspiration. Are you writing a book?

  • Lynda:

    Hello! I recently moved from Boston to Los Angeles, and am MISSING my Baptiste Yoga so much!!! Is there anywhere or anyone you suggest I can practice with that uses Baptiste Yoga???? I would love to know. Thanks so much!

  • Baron teaches at Yoga Works in Santa Monica now and then… other than that we didn’t see any Baptiste yoga.. however, you might try Santa Monica Power Yoga, especially Bryan Kest.

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