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Mind-Bendin’ Body-Stretchin’ Peace-Providin’ Yoga

Was it really a year ago today that we were leavin’ Portland? Tears fillin’ our little eyes and pains in our larger than little butt cheek(s) from just 30 days of ass-kickin’ asana… only 70 studios to go.  Crossin’ our final bridge in “OR E Gone”, away we flew, down the coast, open to adventures unknown.

Sad were we when our “100 studios in 100 days”  came to a close. But, happy to be slingin’ a heart full of inspiration from the “best of the west” teachers and, from shiny, happy yogis everywhere!

Now What?… Where To?…  and, like a vision we knew.

Armed with the schoolin’ that yoga was a hell of a lot more than just a good sweat, we knew we just had to bring this “most excellent” adventure to life.

Sooooooo, here, in the chosen land of Portland, Oregon we’d be openin’ our bricks and mortar flagship studio and offerin’ mind-bendin’, body stretchin’ peace providin’ yoga to one and all.  Virgin Yoga, Take Flight Yoga, Yogaaaaaah, Not Yo Mama’s Yoga, Soul-Stretchin’ Yoga,  Happy Yoga, Inspired Yoga, Samurai Yoga, Gotta Have Heart Yoga, Nap-time Yoga, Pre-Func Yoga, and… we’d be sharin’ the love with young and old, thin and thick, big dudes and tiny grandmas everywhere.  The doors would fly right open for all those who told us yoga was ONLY for the bendy, vegan-eatin’, pretzel variety…. Ha! HaHa!… we exclaim!

Not at YoYoYogi!

Classes Begin August 16th, 2010

Check out the New Web Site!


It’s Live!

It’s LIVE…

“Our new studio website is LIVE” we cry, as tears of JOY start  fillin’ our blurry little eyes after a 72 hour, caffeine frenzied, web-buildin’ marathon.  How proud we stood starin’ at our old friend … MAC, that he, and we, remained still functionin’ after this seemingly endless exercise in equanimity.  Yoga, is after all, stayin’ calm in a… difficult situation.  We scored about a 3.

Hope you like it!